Great White, '(I've Got) Something for You': Exclusive Video Premiere

'(I Got) Something For You' off the new ELATION CD. ELATION is now available at:

Apple iTunes...





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Never mind the bollocks, damn the torpedoes, this record grows on you. Exceptional lead and backing vocals. Sure, it sounds different from the old stuff. So did the Black Album.

Thanks for putting this out on Spotify. Now I know it's good, I'm buying the CD because uncompressed audio still sounds the best at home and in the car.

Don't play it safe and just put one or two new songs in your set - try three or four, especially these standouts:

"Something for You"

"Love is Enough"

"Shotgun Willie's"

"Heart of a Man"

Play these songs out and give the CD away free at your shows (or, if you must, charge no more than five bucks), because now it's all about word-of-mouth and selling tickets.

Screw 'em. This record is good, really good. Flaunt it.
Ahmet , May 29, 2012
Can't get the video to load. Found it on YouTube, though, so perhaps you can embed it from there.
Ahmet , May 24, 2012
Just checked Spotify and Elation is there! Good move.

BUT, you're only telling us it's available on iTunes and Amazon! Please, it's crucial you get the word out about Spotify.
Ahmet , May 24, 2012

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